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Sick of opening your bathroom cupboards and not being able to find what you’re looking for? Here’s how to tackle a somewhat daunting task in four easy steps.

After browsing Pinterest and seeing all the things you can make from toilet rolls, it's easy to start thinking what if I need that empty toilet roll latter?
The easy answer is: do not do it! It is hard enough to keep the bathroom free of clutter. Usually one of the smallest areas in the home the bathroom is always a challenge. Multiple tooth brushes no-one knows who they belong too! Those half empty containers of shampoo and conditioner! Make-up you don't like anymore.

Here are some tips to keeping your bathroom free of clutter in under an hour.
Head into the bathroom armed with a plastic rubbish bag, a "Donate" box and a "Put Away" box. You will be amazed at what ends up in the bathroom that doesn't belong there or could be stored elsewhere.

First: Sort

Start at the bathroom sink area and then move to nearby cabinets or drawers. Work your way through and identify the items you use everyday or on a regular basis. Be honest! Don't look at items and think "I'll use that one day!".
Now work your way through the balance of items. Sort items that belong together into piles. Place items that belong elsewhere in the "Put Away" box, surplus items that are still useful go to "Donate" box.
NOTE: Donating half empty bottles of perfumes and liquids are not received well at charity stores. For unopened items (yes we all have them) give your local Dress for Success a call and see if you can donate.
If it doesn't nourish your soul or your body, get rid of it.

Second: Toss
Toss any trash, broken or valueless items into the rubbish bag. This being a bathroom, you'll find lots of the following: dried strings of dental floss, crumpled tissues, grimy makeup applicators, dried-out bars of soap.
Let dust be your guide: any bottle with a dusty coating goes straight to the rubbish. Ditto for broken items: combs with missing teeth, old perfume you no longer like. Out!
Condense, unbelievably by combining and using all those half empty conditioner bottles in one – your hair will not fall out.

Third: Organise

Once the sink is cleared, organise the survivors in the cleared space. Shallow baskets, cosmetics organiser trays or bathroom totes bring order to countertops and cupboards. Then move on to the rest of the room.

Fourth: Put Away

When 30 or 40 minutes are up, stop the session and put away the items in the "Put Away" box. Store boxes for the next declutter session. Toss the rubbish bag in the trash and walk away feeling lighter and more in control of the chaos in your bathroom.

The declutter articles have been written by Margaret Engelander a Professional Organiser from Over & Above Moving based in Tauranga.